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Small coins or medals made of aurodium mined from Varl, Ardos disks are valuable not merely for their rare metal content, but for what they represent. Bearing a stylized image of the star Ardos on one side and the sigil of the kajidic issuing the disk on the other, Ardos disks are given as rewards to highly favored servants and emissaries. They identify the bearer as being under the protection of the Hutts. For a Hutt to kill the possessor of an Ardos disk is nearly as taboo as the murder of another Hutt; most Hutts and their servants honor the relative immunity afforded those given such a rare boon. Conversely, the theft or forgery of an Ardos disk is seen as a heinous act among the Hutts.

Upon displaying an Ardos disk, a character adds 2 blue dice to any Charm or Negotiation skill checks made with Hutts or their henchmen or servants. In general, most Hutts will honor the implicit significance of the Ardos disk and refrain from overtly harming or hindering the bearer. If the disk bears the sigil of a rival clan, however, the GM can upgrade the difficulty of any Charm or Negotiation skill checks with the Hutt in question once instead, though the Hutt will still be loath to openly harm the bearer.

For instance, Jabba Desilijic Tiure might not be very welcoming or polite to characters displaying an Ardos disk given to them by the Besadii Hutts, but he would at least grant them safe passage through Desilijic space, and would not feed them to his pet rancor (at least, not without severe provocation). Since Hutts are extremely suspicious and imperious by their very natures, they often demand to examine any Ardos disk presented to them, even if they already know it is valid.

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