Atiin Ordo Edit

If you ever wanted to know about the wild, unruly western Mandalorian-- Atiin Ordo is the guy you want to read about! He is a sight for sore eyes, he'll give you a migraine, and he'll make you sick to the stomach! He is a human, working for mercenary services and he often gets drafted into unique adventures with bunch of hooligans to defy Imperials. He often gets his hands dirty to get the job done right. And the only thing that he often felt compelled to when he is on his adventures, he must smash windows he can find.


With Armor:Edit

He often wears black armor that closely resembles Mandalorian's traditional armor style with yellow trim. He often wears brown duster over his black armor, with Hanadak's fur pelt on his right shoulder. He also usually wears dark brown cowboy hat over his helmet.

Without Armor:Edit

Ordinary human with a cybernetic left arm, although, no one really knows what his face looks like. Some had believed that he never had shown his face in the public.


Wild and unruly Mandalorian who is keen on creating carnage and destruction. He loves to pull his gun's trigger and combat his terrifying foes while armed from teeth to feet. He doesn't really show his soft side very often; but when he does, it usually is related to believing in Droid's rights and his doubts in his capabilities to fight for others. He seems to have a knack of wanting to hunt down terrifying beasts such as Zakkegg, Boma or a Ran'cor. He usually keeps himself at a distance when they are in public because he doesn't want to attract attention.


He can carry heavy items on his person; he currently carries around a minigun, a vibrosword, and a vibroaxe. He seems to have an unique ability to knock people out with a single headbutt. He also seems to be capable at working in multiple of different environments, may it be in any harsh climates such as desert, humid, or cold planets or moons. 

History Edit

 Ever since he was a teenager, he always had got into many troubles on the streets. His parents were taken away from him when he was young, he vowed to find them when he gets older enough. After being left alone on the streets during a cold night, a female Mandalorian passing by had discovered him sitting on the curb, munching on stale loaf of bread. The Mandalorian offered assistance, when Atiin misunderstood and took it as a threat to take his food away. He stood immediately and then attempted to fight with the Mandalorian, regardless of the dire conditions he was in; starving, dehydrated, and extremely cold. The Mandalorian was impressed with the fighting spirits she found in his eyes, and ever since, he was taken under the Mandalorian's wing as a child of hers. The clan did not accept him into their family, they constantly reject the idea of a child being part of their family.

The Mandalorian continues to take care of Atiin, even though when the Mandalorian was constantly teased by their fellow Mandalorians. As many years passed by, Atiin follows after his mother's steps, learning how she hunts giant beasts, how she fought in the battles. He constantly learns and follows the code of the Mandalorians. He was allured to them like a moth to a fly zapper.

Being constantly bullied by other younglings in his clan that he was adopted into. He continued to bear through it, learning many things about himself as he matures day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. The Mandalorians continues to reject him as part of their clan, considering his loud and unruly behavior. He constantly challenges the clan members as an attempt to gain their respect. They were able to beat him back down after each duels, thus, he did not give up. He constantly challenged them for a duel even when he lost once, twice, or thrice.

Embarrassed was the only thing that his adopted Mandalorian mother felt through many years, but she never regretted the day she adopted him. But one fateful day came, the Mandalorians had given her options to keep true to the code of the Mandalorians; exile her adopted son, or stop being considered as part of the huge Mandalorian family. She attempted, requested and begged to give Atiin another chance to prove himself, thus was refused. She spent days pondering about her choices and finally decided to send her son under false pretenses, and convinced Atiin that it was part of their test; to see if he would return many years after hardship in the wilderness.

Atiin was shocked to feel like he was being driven away from his family from the higher ups once again, but feeling that this was a challenge that he must overcome. He instantaneously accepted his mother's order and packed immediately and disembarked upon his journey. Ever since he left his home, he sought to gain many abilities he would develop through different hunting and battle excursions-- he would return home, as an attempt to earn the dignity, the respect, and the honor he wanted from his fellow comrades that he was denied of ever since he was young. He sees this as a chance to gain a large family, and a small army that he can instill his trust in, in order to find his former parents. 

Former Parents: Edit

- He didn't know this but his parents were taken away by Imperials, and he vowed to find them as soon as possible and deliver a plate of ice cream named 'Revenge'.

Mandalorian Mother: Edit

- She discovered Atiin alone on the streets in a very cold night; starving, cold, yet still kicking. She had decided to adopt him because she sees a lot of potential in him. She brought him back with herself back home with her clan. She soon discovered that her clan isn't keen on the idea of her taking someone's child into their clan. They mocked her, teased her, and continued to give her a hard time for it. She continues to keep true to her faith she had instilled in Atiin. Eventually from being a person who wanted to give him a chance at living again-- she gradually viewed Atiin as her own son, becoming his new mother. She gradually felt obligated to take care of him as her own son, thus leading up to the times when she taught Atiin how to write, read books, speak English, take a bath, fed him food. She also taught him how to hunt, fight, and speak in Mandalorian's way. She also taught him of their own history with Mandalorians, including Death Watch. She continued teaching him about their culture and the necessities of earning honor and respect as a Mandalorian.

Recent AdventuringsEdit

He was in an adventure quite like Spark of Rebellion before, he was known to be working with a squadron. One of the said squadron member was Kay as well. He had some experience in working with a group before, and he is quite content with working a new group in Spark of Rebellion! And as ever, he still had a thing to back up Droid's rights and he constantly is in struggle to earn his honor as a Mandalorian. Meanwhile in his free time as he embarks on adventures, he often divulge into the thrills of hunting giant and terrifying beasts. As time passed by, the prior team had slowly dispersed and went on their own way. He returned to his old habits with mercenaries and sought out to earn his reputation. During that time, he had met a recent accomplice, Kaiden, and he recently started working with him. It did not take long until the fate of the stars decided to take both him and Kaiden into another adventure quite like the one Atiin had. They were interrupted by patrolling Imperial troopers, and Nel had came to assist them to get them out of the trouble by deceiving them. They succeed in escaping the Imperials-- but was shortly foiled by an ambushing Gungan named Rar-Jar. Rar-Jar was accompanied by a Cathar named Rinyn. After dealing and escaping the chaos he somehow got dragged into, they ended up on the moon named Duxon. He met a Vorbine mechanic named, Kilix. They temporarily worked together to get the radio tower running temporarily.

They needed a new base, they needed to raid an Imperial's base to retrieve more supplies for their survival. The base on the moon will not last long enough in the wilderness. While Atiin had to wait for others to gather their wits and guts, they embarked on their journey to their next destination while Rinyn had to stay behind with Red Diamonds. They infiltrated Imperials' base and used it as a stepping stone to gathering their army. They had converted Stormtroopers and Imperials troopers to their side. They also gained a new ally, which happened to be a Wookie.

They needed a new base, it is high time that they needed to move or otherwise a Diplomat or their patrolling Stormtroopers will find out that something is wrong. He went with the whole squadron in search for a new base, on their adventure, they had came across a terrifying Zakkegg. Thus begins Atiin's fantasy of being the greatest hunter of all times. He used his minigun for the first time ever, thus shredding Zakkegg, staggering it severely. After Rinyn was able to kill it, Atiin had went to the dead body to gather his trophy and continued their adventure. They later found a new base, and started getting more recruits.

It didn't take him long enough to get along with his folks, regarding his obsession with wanting to smash windows when he visits stores or black market for supplies before embarking on their missions. Rinyn and Kaiden got a call from a Hutt naming Jelkal, he had a bad feeling about it and decided to tag along with them. He soon found out that Jelkal has several Death Watch Mandalorians as body guards-- and he knew they were bad news. After helping Kaiden and Rinyn with their chore-- Jelkal had hired Atiin to do a simple errand for them, and he had accepted the errand-- in hopes to gain some more reputation for himself. Three of them had made their departure with the Hutt and then went to the black market, they discovered that the Red Dragons gang's base is nearby and they are required to raid it for Jelkal. After getting their information and supplies, they immediately went to the base and raided it. After accomplishing it, they returned to Jelkal and Atiin got paid for their efforts.

Few weeks later, one of his teammates accidentally kidnapped an Imperial Diplomat, which nearly endangered their whole operations and their whole base. They needed to act fast, they decided to pull up some sort of a vague story for him to run along with. The diplomat, Leon Wilco later realized the truth-- which led up to Atiin having to deliver a Mandalorian Kiss, forcing the Diplomat to knock out slowly. Their real adventure started from there...

Gear Edit


Encum Rarity
Breath Respriator 1 1
Thermal Cloak 1 1
Load-Bearing Gear - 3
Comlink (Long Range) 2 1

Armors Edit


Def Soak Encum HP Rarity
Armored Clothing 1 1 3 1 6

Weapons Edit


Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Rarity Special
Light Rotary Blaster Cannon Ranged Heavy 11 3 Long 4 4 7 Auto-Fire Cumbersome 1
Vibrosword Melee 5 2 Engaged 3 3 5 Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Vibro-ax Melee 6 2 Engaged 4 3 5 Pierce 2, Sunder, Vicious 3

Talents Edit


Rank What Talent
Grit 2 Gain +1 Strain Threshold
Toughened 2 Gain +2 Wound Threshold
Durable 1 May reduce any Critical Injury suffered by 10 per rank of Durable
Heroic Resilience 1 After being hit by an attack but before suffering damage, spend 1 destiny point to increase soak by ranks in Resilience
Barrage 1 Add 1 damage per rank of Barrage to 1 hit of a successful attack while using Ranged (Heavy) or Gunnery at long or extreme range
Let's Ride 1 Once per round, may mount or dismount a vehicle or beast, or enter a cockpit or weapon station on a vehicle as an incidental
Stalker 1 Add 1 blue die per rank of Stalker to all stealth and coordination checks
Confidence 1 May decrease difficulty of Discipline checks to avoid fear by 1 per rank of Confidence
Expert Tracker 1 Remove black die per rank of expert tracker from checks to find tracks or track targets, decreases time to track targets by half
Quick Strike 1 Add blue die per rank of quick strike to combat checks against targets that have not acted yet this encounter