Kaiden Kre'fey is your everyday Smuggler, he schmoozes with the underworld, tap daces along the delicate line of the law, and most importantly he gambles. Kaiden is a skilled intelligence gathering person, he has ties all across the galaxy, though his biggest tie would be for the underworld Hutt family he works for, Jelkala. Granted he isn't doing this entirely of his own free will, he follows Jelkala since the Hutt has his sister, Cara, he would do anything to protect his sister.

He finds himself stuck now as a rebel helper still under the thumb of Jelkala. He knows what right from wrong is, but considering his past as a famous criminal, and his deep ties to Jelkala he honestly is surprised everyone has been giving him as much space as he has gotten so far in the newly forming Rebel alliance. Most of the time he wonders how much longer will it last for him.

History Edit

The Begining Edit

Kaiden Kre'fey was raised by his mother, Luna Kre'fey, and father, Jack Kre'fey along side his sister, Cara Kre'fey for the first 2 years of his life. When his mother died of an accident his father was left alone, to raise his two children, he needed money to maintain his business and his children to stay alive he pulled a lone from Jelkala. However over the years payment back to the crime lord become more and more troublesome, to the point where to pay off all his debts he sold off Kaiden, and his sister both being the age of five at the time.

Due to this, Kaiden was raised by Jelkala and his men to be a top notch smuggler for their clan. While his sister was stuck under Jelkala's thumb as a slave girl and bargaining chip to keep Kaiden in line. Kaiden had gained a reputation out in the galaxy as a fairly big time criminal who, thanks to Jelkala has been able to stay out of jail for long periods of time.

Kaiden having been with Jelkala and his crew for 10 years was teamed up with a Hired Gun, Atiin Ordo, and they had been on many missions together to handle both internal and external issues Jelkala's family. To take care of some business on Onderon. After they had completed their mission the two ended up meeting a couple of people, a Cathar and a Gungan doing the oddest thing, attacking a small squad of imperial army troopers. Atiin rushed in to help the two out right away, though Kaiden shied away from the fight not wanting to get mixed up in all the craziness. During the battle a Nautolan Medic and Togruta having bought some ice cream ended up using it on the commander to blind him. Kaiden helped out a bit as well though the group of 6 didn't manage to stop the commander from calling some reinforcements.

After doing some looting of the troopers and destroying their comms, that is when an AT-ST Walker came walking up. The group, not wanting to die, decided to run. Everyone scattered through the streets as Storm troopers also appeared. It looked like everyone was going to have a tough time escaping when they all piled into a Vehicle to drive away, Kaiden being the one piloting. The group traveled quite a distance when Onderon's moon Dxun Came close enough for them to fly through the converged atmospheres. Though at this point a TIE fighter flew down at them and the Cathar managed to shoot down the TIE fighter after it missed it's mark in shooting them down.

The group made it safely back to the rebel base on Dxun where Kaiden found out the Cathar's name is Rinyn, The Gungan's name is Rar Jar, The Nautolan medic's name is Nel, and the Togruta's name is Sarisa. Also he found out about their third member of their rebellion force Kilix a Verpine. That is how he came into the Rebel Alliance.

After Becoming a Rebel Edit

Kaiden has kept his shady work history secret from the others, even if Atiin knew about his past it was fine since Atiin was trustworthy enough to not tell anyone else. Kaiden was the thief with contacts that helped his cell get out of more jams than not. He has proven to be a jack of all trades just enough that he can fill in any role the group may need on a mission, granted he knew he wasn't better than anyone else in their respective fields.

Things were going fine as the group infiltrated Empire bases, recruiting former imperial soldiers and droids where the group started to build their own base on Onderon. The rebel forces befriended the local beast tribe, and the underworld and even the royalty of Onderon things were looking up. That is until he was contacted by Jelkala and ordered to kill one of the Rebel prisoners so he doesn't leak any information.

Reluctantly Kaiden agreed to this as he knew his new found friendships would be put into question, but at this point to save his sister, he felt like there was no choice, and he killed the prisoner, however Jai, who was another prisoner witnessed this and promised to not tell, if he would help her in the future. Kaiden agreed to this since again he was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Kaiden's Betrayal Edit

After killing the prisoner Kaiden needed to bring the proof to Jelkala, so, Kaiden figured a crate of supplies with the body underneath in a hidden compartment would perhaps show a bit of good faith and proof that he is still working for Jelkala. Though there was a little snag, he needed some way to get to Nar Shaddaa without notice, So he asked if he could barrow one of Kay's ships, which of course she wanted to come along and help him deliver these goods to someplace away from Nar Shaddaa.

Kaiden agreed not happy about this but played along and when in the ship hacked the configurations for the jump coordinates to have them end up in Nar Shaddaa. Kay was freaking out about this while Kaiden played dumb as to what just happened. The ship was low on fuel forcing the group to land, however Kay stayed in space in a pod, while Lee and Kaiden landed and Lee would keep watch of the ship.

Going to Jelkalas he delivered the proof he killed the man, and also some good faith equipment and money he had stolen from the rebel base. He knew that if anyone found out he would loose his standing with the group and also most likely their friendship. Pleased with the offerings Jelkala gave Kaiden one last task before he would be willing to free his Sister, Cara. It was to capture Rinyn the jedi that opposes the empire.

Now this was a tough pill to swallow for Kaiden because Rinyn is the girl he actually likes, a lot, however he agrees to Jelkala's terms and leaves Jelkala's place. However when he walked up to Kay's ship again Kay happened to be there to his surprise, and she made sure it was clear that she knew he was working for Jelkala, how she found out he had no idea. She also made clear that he was not going to get on her ship. With that Kay and Lee abandoned Kaiden on Nar Shaddaa

needing a way off the planet and a way to still fill his end of the bargain with Jelkala he ended up getting some help from the Death Watch Mandolorians that were employed by Jelkala. He went to Kashyyyk and sent a distress signal to the group on Onderon Hoping that Rinyn would come into the trap which she did, though unexpectedly she brought everyone with her, and they seemed to know he was getting ready to betray them, he had no idea as to how they knew, or armed with that knowledge why they would still come, but he was in real trouble now.

After a long fight it turns out that the Death Watch he was working with was not completely working for Jelkala but rather Mandalore the Bastard, who faced off against Rinyn in a one v one. Kaiden helped the rebels in the end by shutting down the device that was holding the Rebel's main ship in place. Just before they were all about to leave, Rinyn was slashed in the face by Mandalore and lost her eyes, which Kaiden felt responsible for. However due to that she was able to tap into the force more efficiently and beat Mandalor.

Kaiden was welcomed back by Rinyn, but was thrown into the holding cells as he was a prisoner of the rebellion being a two faced theif and all.

Cara's Rescue Edit

Rinyn seemed to be the only person that believed in Kaiden since she knew what he was doing was all for his sister. The two came up with a plan where Kaiden would be free and 'capture' Rinyn as she can escape easily. Rinyn told this plan to the other Rebels and they agreed rather reluctantly but agreed non-the-less. Kaiden called up Jelkala and set up a meeting place, and everything was going fine, until Jelkala wanted to take him and Rinyn into space since he liked Kaiden so much Kaiden was going to be a commander in Jelkala's space fleet. just off the side of a broken planet.

While here he managed to reunite with Cara, his sister. Also another Mandalorian faction appeared to attack and hinder the progression of Jelkala's Death Watch troops ships. Luckily the group managed to escape with their lives, and Kaiden had finally freed Cara.

The group managed to escape back to Onderon where Kaiden then began to plan his and Cara's departure from the rest of the rebel group. However Cara talked him out of it with a slap to the face and a stern stance on she is going to help the rebellion. So, he also decided to stay.

Onderonian departure Edit

Not long after the rescue of Cara, the empire descended down on Onderon. He was forced to play dress up in an actual dress, while the rebel faction went to plead their case to the Onderonian government where Cara was the head spokes person. Everything worked out in their favor until Darth Vader appeared along with the Arc Hammer.

The Rebels split into 3 factions, a distraction team, an evacuation team, and a destroy Arc Hammer Team. Kaiden was part of the Arc hammer team where he managed to put a huge hole in Blair's chest after Blair had been hitting on Rinyn the whole time, and Atiin severely injured Mortius. The inquisitors ran away as the team worked on blowing up the Arc Hammer.

The final room was the reactor room where Rinyn challenged the leader to a one v one duel and lost. So, Kaiden shot the ground out from under the leader making him forced to flee. Then to allow everyone to escape he set the reactor to explode, and added a timer, with Nel's help. Nel and Kaiden just barely managed to escape the Arc Hammer before it blew up.

Now that the empire is one Arc Hammer less, they started to fortify their hold on Onderon, and the Onderonian government has told the rebels to leave while they handle the situation on their own home planet. So, the rebels agreed and took whomever wanted to come with them away from Onderon.

Lothal and A New Faction Edit

Now that they're base is out in space Kaiden explored the areas a bit to find that there are possibilities of gathering new people though everyone in their faction wanted to do separate things. The new leaders, Rar Jar, Cara, and Leon decided to follow on the bacta shortage crisis.

Though this was going to be a long journey through space to get to their destination planet and Lothal just happened to be on their way. Here they took down a Destroyer and crashed it into the planet, and also learned of a new rebel faction. The two factions joined forces and are now stationed above Kashyyyk as they continue to travel to their end destination.

However per Rinyn's request the group went to help the wookies, after meeting Sarisa's family they came up with a plan to distract the storm troopers, only to have a small group infiltrate the facilities. Only this didn't go over too well as the infiltration team was ambushed by 4 Stormtrooper commandos, Kaiden was knocked out and Jenrose the princess of Onderon was killed. Sarisa, Aries, and Appa just barely managed to escape with both Kaiden and Jenrose's body.

Currently Kaiden is in the bacta tanks healing from his severe injuries.

Personality Edit

Having grown up as Jelkala's lacky for 12 years of his life he has learned to be a survivor of sorts when it comes to the underworld. Information is everything, though he has a deep soft spot for his sister, Cara, he cares for her well being after what their father did to them. He hates his father more than anyone else and would love to avoid anything involving his father if he could.

Kaiden is a cautious person, more because he knows of betrayal and how deeply it hurts, that he tries not to betray anyone if he can help it. Though the only exception is Jelkala, since for the past 12 years the only reason he has stayed with the Hutt, is to protect his sister, if he felt like he could run away he would.

Some of Kaiden's Likes are, his family, his friends, Money, and Information. His dislikes are people that cross him, and being the center of attention.

Skills Edit

  • Computers - 3
  • Perception - 1
  • Piloting (Space) - 1
  • Skullduggery - 2
  • Stealth - 2
  • Streetwise - 1
  • Ranged (Light) - 1
  • Knowledge (Underworld) - 1
  • Deception - 1
  • Athletics - 1
  • Coordination - 1

Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

Name Defense Soak Encum HP Rarity
Armored Clothing 1 1 3 1 6
Armored Robes 1 2 5 0 8

Weapon Edit

Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Rarity Special
Kick Brawl Brawl + 2 4 Engaged 0 0 0
DR-45 Dragoon Ranged Light 8 3 Medium 1 3 6 Stun Setting, Accurate 1
FWG-5 Flechette Pistol Ranged Light 6 3 Short 1 2 7 Guided 3, Limited Ammo 3
Vibrosword Brawl Brawl + 2 2 Engaged 3 3 5 Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Disruptor Pistol Ranged Light 10 2 Short 2 2 6 Vicious 4

Gear Edit

Name Encum Rarity Name Encum Rarity
Stimpack x5 0 1 Breath Mask/ Respirator 1 w 1
Binders 0 0 Field Rations X10 0 0
Comlink (Short Range) 0 0 Emergency Repair Patch 0 1
Electrobinoculars 1 1 Backpack 0 0
Datapad 1 1 Load-Bearing Gear 0 0
Climbing Gear 1 2

Talents Edit

Name Rank Ability
Street Smarts 1 Remove 1 black die per rank of Street Smarts from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.
Indistinguishable 1 Upgrade difficulty of checks to identify character once per rank of Indistinguishable.
Bypass Security 1 Remove 1 black die per rank of Bypass Security from checks made to disable a security device or open a locked door.
Hidden Storage 1 Gain hidden storage in vehicles or equipment that holds items with total encumbrance equal to ranks in Hidden Storage
Shortcut 1 During a chase, add 1 blue per rank in Shortcut to any checks made to catch or escape an opponent
Jump Up 1 Once per round, may stand from seated or prone as an incidental.
Dedication 1 Gain +1 to single characteristic.  This cannot bring a characteristic above 6.

Special Abilities Edit

Ability point - Lepi begin the game with one free rank in Athletics or Perception. They still may not train Athletics or Perception above Rank 2 during character creation.

Total Experience Edit

100 XP + 205 XP