History Edit

Kay was abandoned on some backwater planet. She somehow managed to survive and grow into adolescence, living in random alleys and picking through trash to find food and sustainable clothing. She reverted to stealing to survive. Eventually she was caught be a kind old shopkeep. This old shopkeep was kinda though, making sure Kay had enough food to survive on and even gave her the hat and goggles she has today. Sadly the shopkeep passed away and Kay was forced back into stealing. One day she got caught, resulting in being roughed up and several new scars but a young man stepped in, payed for what she stole and adopted her. This man would turn out to be her father figure and the one to teach her to fly.

This would not last however...


Modern (Game) Edit

She basically crash landed on the temporary camp after being chased by the enemy. She didn't have the most pleasant first meetings but after seeing Atiin and Sarisa were there, she decided it would be okay to stick around. Plus Lee was a wimp and wound up knocked out and seemed to not want to wake up. That's okay. She still loves him.

Appearance Edit

She is short and fit, quite curvy. She has sandy blond hair that stops mid shoulder. She constantly has on a modified vest over a white tank top, baggy cargo pants tucked into knee high combat boots. She has various straps holding holsters and pouches for various things. 100% of the time, aside from showers, she has her pilot cap on and goggles... If they are not on her head, something is wrong.

Note on scars: She has many. One scar left side of her mouth. Large scar on her back just outside her left shoulder blade (from nearly fatal wound). Both feet are scarred on the bottom. 2 scars on her left forearm. One scar on her right upper arm.

Personality Edit

Kay is very strong willed and brash. Something she had to be as a orphan on the streets and what she became after being picked up. She is not afraid to let her opinion be known or do what is necessary to survive or defend her home. She seems quite mean spirited at time but deep down she is very kind. She doesn't want to kill unless need be or she feels it would be justified. But that won't stop her from talking up the act.

Over all she tends to hide her true emotions for fear of being betrayed or stabbed in the back... Again.

When she comes to care about you, she becomes incredibly protective. However her trust is hard to gain.

Relationships Edit

Lee: Kay was approached by him one day. He was looking for work and she decided she could use the help. She remained wary of him but after several trips, meals, and jobs together she started to trust him. What sealed the deal was his acceptance of her after she revealed the full extent of her past. So far he is the only person to know her whole known history.

Leon Wilco: Kay wants to make this man's job as difficult as possible. He insulted her ship after accidentally being abducted by Lee... But all that matters to Kay is that he keeps insulting her baby. She constantly threatens to fight him. AKA she doesn't like him very much.

Atiin Ordo: Kay is very close to him. She cares about him deeply and actually seems to have a genuinely good time when he is around. To her, she considers Atiin a partner in crime and actually trusts him. Something she cannot say for the others. They had been part of a group before this one. She doesn't know if he considers her a dear friend like she considers him.

Nel Otterna: Kay feels rather safe with her. They got over whatever rough relations they had and actually wound up becoming friend. Even going so far as to streak through the rain and open a pseudo water park as a result. She even told a white lie to keep Nel happy, pretending to like the rain.

Kilix Gui'n Ranuen: She doesn't know much about this one but she does know he was cool enough to accidentally fix parts of her ship. She doesn't mind him and would listen to him if he had something to say.

Rinyn Nolu: Kay is amused by this young lady. She feels the need to keep her safe since she is young but other than that she is unsure.

Kaiden Kre'fey: She doesn't know much about him. She feels neutral towards him.

Sarisa Caltrel: Kay worked with her before but she is still indifferent to her. Sarisa's close relationship with Nel seems to annoy Kay even more since she believes Nel hates her. It also makes Kay realize just how lonely she is without friendship.

Rar-Jar Sphinx: Kay respects him for helping her the one time she was knocked out. She thinks he is one tough guy after all the things that have happened on their missions and he still isn't dead.

R5-DL4: Kay is indifferent to this droid but can see the benefits to having him around. Plus she thinks it's a little cute.

Notes Edit

  • Her true age is unknown. She is estimated to be mid to late 20's
  • Her protectiveness of her ship stems from her need to be free aka fly as well as the fact that it is home to her
  • She won't easily turn her back to anyone due to a betrayal in her past.
  • She has a weak spot for droids and machines. Granted they aren't the enemy.