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History Edit


Personality Edit

This is the character's personality

Characteristics Edit

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Start XP
2 2 5 2 2 3 110
Soak Wound Thresh Strain Thresh Defense Melee Defense Ranged
2 12 13 0 0

Skills Edit

  • Astrogation - 1
  • Computers - 3
  • Leadership - 1
  • Negotiation - 2
  • Perception - 1
  • Core Worlds - 1
  • Education - 3
  • Outer Rim - 2
  • Warfare - 2

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Rarity Special
Holdout Blaster Ranged (Light) 5 4 Short 1 1 0 Stun setting

Armor Edit

Name Def Soak Encum HP Rarity
None 0 0 0 0 0

Gear Edit

Name Encum Rarity
Datapad 1 0

Credits Edit


Experience Edit

535 XP

Talents Edit

Name Rank Ability

Knowledge Specialization (Education)

4 Spend triumph to gain 1 success per rank in Knowledge: Education.
Researcher 2 -1blk per rank from Knowledge checks. Researching a subject takes half the time.
Codebreaker 2 -2blk to break/decrypt communications. Reduce difficulty of checks by 2.
Technical Aptitude 1 Reduce time needed to complete computer-related tasks by 25%
Improved Researcher 1 On successful knowledge check, add 2 adv. to checks acting on related facts until end of next turn.
Know-it-All 1 Once per session, perfectly recall information as if a destiny point had been spent.
Valuable Facts 1 Once per encounter, 2p knowledge check. On success, add 1 triumph to an allied check.
Encoded Communique 1 Upgrade difficulty of checks to decrypt ciphers created by Leon equal to computers skill.
Natural Programmer 1 Once per session, reroll any 1 Computers or Astrogation check.
Grit 1 +1 Strain
Dedication 1 +1 to any trait
Thorough Assessment 1 Once per session, 3p knowledge to gain 1b per success to be distributed throughout the encounter.
Stroke of Genius 1 Once per session, use intellect for any skill.
Unmatched Insight 1 Once per session, spend 2 destiny points to become aware of emotional states and basic info of up to three people in an encounter.
Solid Repairs 1 Repair 1 additional hull trauma during repairs.
Known Schematic 1 Once per session, 3p Education check to gain familiarity with a building or ship design.

Abilities Edit

  • The abilities gained through the species or other means.