After taking over the imperial Onderonian Base, in fear of inspections from imperial soldiers the group moved out nearby setting up a colony of their own. That is when the Rebels found this new location, and populated it with formal imperial soldiers and their families as well as the main cast of this series.

 Base Type and Facilities Edit

  • Type: Core Base
  • Funds: 0 Credits
  • Nearest Hyperlane: Corellian Run
  • Colony Disguise
    • While appearing like a normal ordinary village, adds 3 black die to detection of rebel base.
  • Command and Control Center
    • The base possesses a dedicated space from which people can broadcast to the whole base, track the activities of agents in the field, and monitor information about the base and its surroundings.
    • The facility grants occupants 1 blue die on computers, leadership and vigilance checks.
  • Barracks level 2
    • Starts at 50 Troops
    • Doubles the amount of troops that a base can hold every time this upgrade is purchased.
    • This upgrade can be taken 5 times.
  • Hangar and Repair Bay
    • The base includes a hangar where mechanics can store and repair vehicles and droids. The Hangar holds a number of vehicles with a combined silhouette of 30 and no single vehicle larger than silhouette 5. It also includes a full set of mechanics' tools (allowing characters to perform mechanics checks to heal droids or repair vehicles or starships without penalty.) and an oil bath for droids. When used to repair starships or vehicles the character repairs 2 additional hull trauma or 2 additional system strain on a successful check.
    • This upgrade may be taken up to two additional times, either to add additional landing bays or to increase the combined silhouette limit of the original by by 15. (Although the maximum vehicle size remains at silhouette 5)
  • Enhanced Security
    • The base gains reinforced armor, giving it an armor value of 2(weapons unable to inflict more than 2 planetary scale damage cannot damage the buildings)
  • Medical Facility
    • The base includes an infirmary, stocked to handle battlefield injuries and other medical crises.
    • The Medical facility has cots and treatment space for five patients, medical supplies(allowing characters to perform medicine checks without penalty) and two bacta tanks with supplies of bacta.
    • This upgrade can be taken up to three times, increasing the number of patients it can accommodate by five and the number of bacta tanks by one each time.
    • This upgrade prevents up to 5 soldiers per level from dying due to threat in mass battles.

Base Personnel Edit

  • Sergeant Lomax
    • Position/Role: Cool Guy
    • Description: Clone Trooper
  • Sergeant Ew
    • Position/Role: Hella
    • Description: Coffee
  • Grawn-Grawn
    • Position/Role: Muscle
    • Description: Wookiee
  • Treena
    • Position/Role: Publicity
    • Description: Reporter
  • Polo Droid
    • Position/Role: Camera droid
    • Description: Photographer
  • Lee
    • Position/Role: Mechanic/Pilot
    • Description: Kay's Boyfriend
  • R5-DI4
    • Position/Role: Hacker/Rinyn's friend/Navigator
    • Description: Astromech
  • Alex
    • Position/Role: Doctor
    • Description: Loving
  • 14 Rebel Troopers
  • 4 Rebel Vehicle Pilots

Ships and Vehicles Edit

Ships (30 total) Edit

  • 1 Morningstar (4)
  • 1 Imperial Lambda Shuttle (4)
  • 1 The Warhammer (3)

Vehicles Edit

  • 10 Imperial speederbikes (20) (9 Speederbikes are not stored)
  • 2 ATST Walkers (6)