The Great Hunt Edit

The group ends up heading back to Iziz on Onderon to finally get Kay's ship fixed up and to do some more shopping for R5. While Atiin, Kaiden, and Rinyn got R5 some new parts, Lee, Kilix, Rar Jar, and Kay dealt with the prices from the maintenance people. And Sarisa met with an Animal seller that seems to sell animals only to proper homes. Turns out one of the animals had escaped and he needs some help, after seeing how good Sarisa is with animals, he asks if she would like to help him out. Sarisa agrees and brings along her friends to find a lost Varactyl.

After finding it the group faced off against some poachers and managed to calm down the Varactyl. Rinyn spotted the eggs on a cliff's edge and she and Kaiden went up to get them and carry down all 4 large eggs. They brought the Varactyl and the eggs back to the animal seller and he let Sarisa keep one of the eggs. Then they all went back home leaving Lee to deal with the ship.